* "My Daze of Brain Injury:

The Dance of Destiny"

Kelly McHale, Professor

"This book I could not put down once I began reading. What an inspirational story to share. We've all heard that life can be hard. For some, more than others, I quickly learned. I realized after reading "My Daze of Brain Injury," that we all have a story. The author's courage and perception of her changed life inspired me to make changes in my own life and to be grateful for what I have. I can't believe how she managed to crawl underneath an electric fence to help with her badly injured body. Truly an amazing story and very heartfelt. It was a pleasure to read her story."


Neil S. Kaye, MD, DFAPA


"Personal. Moving. Full of hope for anyone who has suffered a brain injury. Robin's story shows us that with time, help, love, and effort, we can all accept trauma, overcome, and lead fulfilling lives. Bravo!"



D. Greg Anderson, MD

Prof, Orthopaedic Surgery

Thomas Jefferson University

Rothman Institute

"Robin Bloom offers a very personal glimpse into the journey that she has faced following major trauma. This work provides a raw and gripping account of her experience & the inner events that help her survive & rebuild herself. This account will expand your understanding of the human response to a major life-changing event and offers triumph from the ashes of a personal disaster."

* "My Daze of Brain Injury: 

The Dance of Destiny"


A MUST read. Powerful and INSPIRING!! I have read many books about overcoming hardships and surviving traumatic events, and nothing compares to this book! This book (as well as the woman within it) is very powerful and moving. The author's experiences are very intense, yet her responses to them are very touching and extremely inspiring. To survive one traumatic event in one's life is amazing. To survive and THRIVE after her experiences is nothing short of a MIRACLE and, again, INSPIRING! This book is a must read, and one to give to everyone you know! Ms. Bloom is truly a miraculous gift from God!

Will change many lives

This is a wonderful book that I believe will change many lives. Very inspiring! Easy to read and understand...well put together.


Very moving and informative. A must read for anyone who has had a head injury or knows someone with a head injury.

C Kelley

Karen S.

Brenna Meixner, MOT, OTR/L

Brain Injury Survivor, Author

"Robin inspires as she shares her stories of brain & spinal injuries. Robin's horrors of the unknown and recovery are challenges that all survivors face, especially those who encounter a brain injury. Her journey can be summed up by saying, 'Tragedy...opened doors to happiness I never suspected.' A must-read for brain injury survivors and their families to better understand this long and tiresome recovery process."

Ingrid, Parent

“This is for all my friends who KNOW that there is more to life than just existing in our body & who want to know everything about that “MORE”!!!  Robin J. Bloom is a wonderful, courageous, and strong lady with a journey worth sharing & learning about.” 



“Congratulations, you are making a difference.”  

Cerena Lauren,
Social Worker

Kim Evans

Business & Personal Transformational Coach

"Wake Up! We're Going Home is a heart-centerterd, inspirational book filled with insights, compassion, and love. A courageous and amazing journey by a remarkable woman."

D. Jeanine

Robin Bloom is an amazing person with a wellspring of knowledge passionately drawn from her life experiences. Her ongoing support has changed my life for the better. More than anything, she has helped me to connect with areas of unworthiness and empowered those parts of myself.

Thank you, Robin!

*Note: In honor of veterans & their families, when you purchase the book My Daze of Brain Injury: The Dance of Destiny, 10% of the proceeds are gifted to the Wounded Warrior Project
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