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E-book, Paperback, Hard Copy

My Daze of Brain Injury is for those readers who want to live honestly in a chaotic and demanding world. This well-written and fast-read offers insight into the power of the human mind, body, and spirit. You will begin to understand how Robin transformed from victim-to-survivor to learning how to thrive, despite the many ongoing traumas. Written for anyone impacted by tragedy and loss. A must-read for brain injury survivors, families, caregivers, & professionals.  


Reader's will: 
  • Gain insight into how to rebuild your life after tragedy and loss. 

  • Expand your understanding and awareness of the human response to a significant life-changing event.

  • Discover the practical steps in creating a healthier way to live.

  • Learn about alternative therapies in managing health and spiritual wellbeing.

  • Understand how to build and sustain a love connection with your true self.


"Robin offers a very personal glimpse into the journey that she has faced following major trauma. This work provides a raw and gripping account of her experience and inner events that helped her survive and rebuild herself. This account will expand your understanding of the human response to a major life-changing event and offers triumph from the ashes of a personal disaster." 

D. Greg Anderson, MD
Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Thomas Jefferson University 

E-book & Paperback

Wake Up! We're Going Home, is relevant for those spiritually-curious readers open to exploring a deeper understanding of the inner journey and awakening. Individuals that are seeking to enhance the quality of their lives and to live more consciously from the heart will also enjoy this read.  


Wake Up! We're Going Home, is the sequel to My Daze of Brain Injury that reveals the process of spiritual awakening following major traumas to the brain. This book is equally valuable and inspiring to individuals rebuilding their lives after trauma & tragedy; brain injury survivors, families, caregivers, and professionals.


Topics covered:

  • Learn how to evolve spiritually utilizing your intuition. 

  • Discover how the energy of your thoughts can impact your life and that of the planet. 

  • Understand how to embrace change to improve the quality of your life.

  • Recognize the simplicity of living from the heart.

  • Gain insight into how inner-healing occurs. 

  • See how one woman learns to trust in the wisdom of the uncertainties in life.


"Wake Up! We're Going Home, is a heart-centered inspirational book filled with insights, compassion, and love. A courageous and amazing journey by a remarkable woman."

Kim Evans, Business & Personal Transformational Coach

"126 Quotes to Win the Heart & Mind"

     E-books available in (3) Versions

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Laptop Version

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Mobile Version

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Heading 2


"126 Quotes  to Win the Heart & Mind"



"126 Quotes to Win the Heart & Mind," gives voice to the sacred words of wisdom from a long and profound journey of medical recovery & spiritual awakening. Spanning over 20 years, the quotes recount and reflect Robin’s evolution and transformation of stepping out of fear & into love; harmonizing both the heart & mind, the feminine & masculine.



Online Course

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"How to Sustain Love in Your Life" 

Online Course $47 

Includes Bonus Gifts!

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  • #3 Bonus Gifts designed to add support & value on your journey!

"How to Sustain Love in Your Life"

Take the leap and discover "how to sustain love in your life" as a conscious creator! Let go of all the roadblocks keeping you small. The secret lies within; a reservoir of love & happiness awaits the creation of your desires. 

How to Sustain Love in Your Life," is an online course experience that helps you to become spiritually autonomous as a conscious creator, while learning how to navigate and harmonize the energies in sustaining love. The course represents the cornerstone of my transformational healing & recovery as a 3x brain injury survivor that learned how to thrive. 


Who wants to live a happy life?  We all do. How to get there and sustain love in a chaotic world, is a challenging question for many. But creating and living your dreams is closer than you think or believe! In truth, what we desire is not that difficult to achieve, if we are willing to change ourselves.


Your eyes will be opened to understand more fully how we are the creators of our world, whether aware or not. And we are accountable for those creations.

Throughout the course are

  • (18) pdf lessons (includes Introduction I&II) that are self-paced and easy to read. The lessons are structured with an introduction, overview, examples, insight, and activities.

  • You will discover & utilize tools & tips to help you break free from living in survival fear (keeping your head above water) to thriving in unconditional love. 

  • Optional online instructor-student discussions are available


You will learn this and more...

  • The value in creating & following a daily spiritual practice

  • How self-love supports healthier & stronger relationships

  • Conscious ways to prioritize eating habits for wellbeing

  • What is energy & how to navigate in harmonious ways

  • What is unity consciousness & how does that impact our lives

  • How to consciously create & manifest your desires

  • What supports & disrupts your spiritual wellbeing

  • Everyday activities to open your heart

  • Practical ways to clear & balance your energy

  • How meditation is key in sustaining love

It is safe for you to reclaim your life, you are ready! The course takes approximately (4) hours of completion time with (2) hours of reading and (2) hours of activities.



01/19 - 01/23

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01/19 - 01/23

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01/19 - 01/23

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