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Welcome to my spiritual blog. I love connecting with spirit especially as I experience a beautiful outpouring of love. Additionally, I love to write and share. And, I write and share to inspire and empower people along the path in creating a new way to consciously live and love for ourselves & each other..

In this endeavor, we all benefit when we nurture and empower one another with a communication that is mutually honored with love and respect. By doing so, you will begin to see people respond to the gift of appreciation as they feel valued. These are the fascinating ingredients that forge lasting connections. Undoubtedly, this will become one voice with love throughout the world.

Have you noticed how we are more alike than we are different? I perceive our individual lives from the analogy of what water droplets are to the ocean...all necessary components of life as without the droplets there would be no ocean. We are each uniquely contributing to the evolvement of humanity and our planet.

In essence, we need one another. It is also paramount to honor and meet each other and ourselves exactly where we are vibrating/functioning, especially in more troubling times of high emotion and confusion. With permission requested from within, you can send well wishes of love. How I maneuver, with these energies and thoughts, is to anchor in the reality that expresses, "without exception, each of us desires to love and to be loved." And that includes, "even when we choose to deny ourselves of that love." Offer your love, serving as an extended hand, that brighten a soul's path.

Much is now occurring with each soul in their evolution and expansion of who they truly are as their soul self is rising to the occasion. The magic is found in the profound adventure of growth, expansion and exploring the unknown. Be bold, be brave and allow this to be. If you can be playful, all the better. This is a new way of navigating in harmony with the energies. Know within, we will all find our way back home to our hearts.

Our lives are transforming beyond what we can imagine. Are we open to the unlimited possibilities in creating a life of choosing? And is it safe for us to fully enjoy our human experience? Dare to let your spirit soar to savor life and to be happy, well and free much like the gentle-frolic and thunder of a newly-born foal that captures the moment while reveling in new beginnings.


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