How to Create Wisely

Truth: You are the creator & designer of your life that is born from within you. Be accountable and responsible for the choices and actions of your creations. We are all in this together (collective consciousness) and what will affect one will vice versa affect all of us on an energetic level. The choices, to gain mastery over your thoughts, are to create from a space of love or fear. Become more consciously aware of what you are choosing to create in your life.

Issue: Life is overwhelmingly happening to you (belief) and you are struggling to keep up with the demands. Are these demands what you have chosen to place upon yourself?

Insight: When you create a controlling and demanding life outside of yourself there is no room for happiness and fulfillment. Why? You perpetuate your discontent through the continued focus and manifestation of your same unfulfilling thoughts, emotions & beliefs. Where you focus your attention you will get more of the same. To find your fulfillment you must connect/feel with your heart to change the inside (beliefs, thoughts, & emotions) in order to shift and begin reflecting the change on the outside.

Suggestions: To open your heart do something you love such as retreat in nature, close your eyes and let your thoughts drift, breath quietly, be spontaneous and play with your child or pet, practice yoga moves and/or breath work, create a gratitude list, or forgive yourself or another in some way.

Actions: Lovingly give yourself permission to go within during quiet time/meditation and let go of old beliefs, thoughts, & emotions. Acknowledge them, thank them and let them go as they are outdated. You can use words to release the old ways, "I transmute all shadow or these...back into the light of creation" or write on a piece of paper and physically burn them (release on or near a full moon), or send them out to the winds of change back into the light. Surround them in the color of love, whatever that may be for you (a bright white light, golden, or swirling pink).

You are complete, meaning no more rethinking or replaying of old events already released and cleared. Living in the past by dwelling on old events can reignite these thoughts, emotions & beliefs. You also miss new opportunities by stepping out of the present moment. Go forward, affirm and intend only what you desire regarding any new beliefs, thoughts, & emotions. If you need reminders of the new ways of living, use a positively written post-it note in visible places where you can affirm. Bravo, you can do this. Your life begins to change the moment you decide!


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