Aloha & welcome, enjoy these life-changing offerings of invaluable insight from a former thriving survivor of three brain injuries. Intuitively, I was able to bypass my injured thinking brain & feel my way through life. Amidst the many challenges, I discovered how to heal myself and find lifelong health & happiness (despite the odds). I now live fully, loving what I do & doing what I love. 

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*NOTE: In honor of our Veterans & their families when you purchase the book, My Daze of Brain Injury: The Dance of Destiny, 10% of the proceeds will be gifted to the Wounded Warrior Project

In finding lasting joy & happiness, these resources will help you to discover "what to change in your life and how to change it." ❤️Robin


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"Wake Up! We're Going Home" is for those spiritually-curious readers open to exploring a deeper understanding of the inner journey. To purchase, click the "AMAZON" link in the Description.

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"Wake Up! We're Going Home," is relevant for those spiritually-curious readers open to exploring a deeper understanding of the inner journey and awakening. Individuals that are seeking to blissfully enhance the quality of their lives and to live more consciously from the heart will also enjoy this read.

"Wake Up! We're Going Home
is the sequel to "My Daze of Brain Injury" that reveals the process of spiritual awakening following major traumas to the brain. This book is equally valuable, courageous and inspiring to individuals rebuilding their lives after trauma & tragedy; brain injury survivors, families, caregivers, and professionals.

Topics covered:

  • Learn how to evolve spiritually utilizing your intuition
  • Discover how the energy of your thoughts can impact your life and that of the planet
  • Understand how to embrace change to improve the quality of your life
  • Recognize the simplicity of living from the heart
  • Gain insight into how inner-healing occurs
  • See how one woman learned to trust in the wisdom of uncertainties

Testimonial: "Wake Up! We're Going Home, is a heart-centered inspirational book filled with insights, compassion, and love. A courageous and amazing journey by a remarkable woman."

Kim Evans, Business & Personal Transformational Coach
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