Aloha & welcome, enjoy these life-changing offerings of invaluable insight from a former thriving survivor of three brain injuries. Intuitively, I was able to bypass my injured thinking brain & feel my way through life. Amidst the many challenges, I discovered how to heal myself and find lifelong health & happiness (despite the odds). I now live fully, loving what I do & doing what I love. 

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*NOTE: In honor of our Veterans & their families when you purchase the book, My Daze of Brain Injury: The Dance of Destiny, 10% of the proceeds will be gifted to the Wounded Warrior Project

In finding lasting joy & happiness, these resources will help you to discover "what to change in your life and how to change it." ❤️Robin


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"My Daze of Brain Injury: The Dance of Destiny" details Robin's journey in learning how to sustain love. To purchase, click the "AMAZON" link in the Description. *Your purchase supports Veterans.

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"My Daze of Brain Injury," is for those reader's who want to live freely despite a chaotic and demanding world. This jaw-dropping and easy to read book offers insights into the power of the human mind, body, and spirit. You will begin to understand how Robin transformed from victim-to-survivor to learning how-to-thrive, despite the many ongoing traumas. A quick read written for anyone impacted by tragedy and loss. A must-read for brain injury survivors, families, caregivers, & professionals.

In honor of veterans, 10% of book proceeds are gifted to the Wounded Warrior Project

Reader's will:
  • Gain insight into how to rebuild your life after tragedy and loss.
  • Expand your understanding and awareness of the human response to a significant life-changing event.
  • Discover the practical steps in creating a healthier way to live.
  • Learn about alternative therapies in managing health and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Understand how to build and sustain a love connection with your true self.

Testimonial: "Robin offers a very personal glimpse into the journey that she has faced following major trauma. This work provides a raw and gripping account of her experience and inner events that helped her survive and rebuild herself. This account will expand your understanding of the human response to a major life-changing event and offers triumph from the ashes of a personal disaster."

D. Greg Anderson, MD
Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Thomas Jefferson University
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