Aloha & welcome, enjoy these life-changing offerings of invaluable insight from a former thriving survivor of three brain injuries. Intuitively, I was able to bypass my injured thinking brain & feel my way through life. Amidst the many challenges, I discovered how to heal myself and find lifelong health & happiness (despite the odds). I now live fully, loving what I do & doing what I love. 

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In finding lasting joy & happiness, these resources will help you to discover "what to change in your life and how to change it." ❤️Robin


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"How to Sustain Love in Your Life!" ONLINE COURSE. Learn about your spiritual origin & potential to transform your life! Benefits all relationships. To register click "ENROLL NOW" link in Description.

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* "How to Sustain Love in Your Life!" is an online course unlike any other that benefits all relationships especially with ourselves, children & family! Learn about your spiritual origin & potential to transform your life!

You will discover & utilize tools & tips to help you break free from living in survival fear (keeping your head above water) to thriving in unconditional love for you and your family.



In a chaotic world, how do you sustain love to create a happier life? This statement is a challenging question for many. But creating and living your dreams is closer than you think or believe! In truth, what we desire is not that difficult to achieve if we are willing to change ourselves.

"How to Sustain Love in Your Life," is approximately (4) hours in length with (2) hours of reading and (2) hours of suggested activities. The course is specifically designed to help you become more spiritually autonomous as a conscious creator, while learning how to navigate and harmonize the energies in sustaining love. "How to Sustain Love in Your Life!" represents the cornerstone of Robin's transformational healing & awakening as a former thriving survivor that overcame three brain injuries and spinal trauma.

From this course, you will understand more fully how we are the creators of our world, whether aware or not. And we are both accountable and responsible for our energetics and what we create (our choices & actions). The first step in learning how to revamp your life is to delete old programming. As a result, and by fostering a more sustainable way of living, you will consciously create lasting joy & happiness (a deep need we all crave and desire).

Throughout the course, are (45) entries (a #95 page Course Booklet) that includes a Welcome Letter, Introduction of Key Concepts, Ch. 1-6 Introductions & Wisdom Reviews, (16) Self-Guided (Easy-to-Read) Lessons, Surveys, and Bonus Gifts. Each lesson is structured with an Introduction & Overview, Examples, Insights, Suggested Activities, and Recommended Guided Meditations.

Also built into the course are optional instructor-student forum questions/discussions. In-depth spiritual coaching is another available option that complements the course and is exclusively priced for students. For more information, purchasing, and scheduling of spiritual coaching you can visit

To further add support and value on your journey, the course offers #3 Bonus Gifts

1) 11 Powerful Ways to Sustain Love, 2) 11 Vital Tips for Conscious Creators, and online access to Robin's first book, 3) My Daze of Brain Injury:The Dance of Destiny.

In the course you will learn this and more...

  • Guidance in creating & following a daily spiritual practice
  • The value in creating healthier & stronger relationships with a foundation of self-love
  • Consciously choosing ways to prioritize eating habits for wellbeing
  • Practical understanding of energy & how to navigate in harmonious ways
  • Understanding unity consciousness & how that may impact our lives
  • Consciously creating & manifesting our desires
  • Understanding what supports & disrupts our spiritual wellbeing
  • Everyday activities to open our heart
  • Practical ways to clear & balance our energy
  • Creating a simple meditation practice
  • Easily share how to sustain love with our children and loved ones via role-modeling
  • Enjoy living our lives to the fullest!

You can also preview the course curriculum, located at the very top of the page/website by clicking on that link "Create A Life You Deserve" or by visiting the Course Curriculum at

*The online version of "How to Sustain Love in Your Life!" Includes a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. The course is available to students for 180 days.

A local version of the course will be offered on the island of Maui in 2021. We'd loved to see you there! You can visit for complete scheduling details.

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