Aloha & welcome, enjoy these life-changing offerings of invaluable insight from a former thriving survivor of three brain injuries. Intuitively, I was able to bypass my injured thinking brain & feel my way through life. Amidst the many challenges, I discovered how to heal myself and find lifelong health & happiness (despite the odds). I now live fully, loving what I do & doing what I love. 

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*NOTE: In honor of our Veterans & their families when you purchase the book, My Daze of Brain Injury: The Dance of Destiny, 10% of the proceeds will be gifted to the Wounded Warrior Project

In finding lasting joy & happiness, these resources will help you to discover "what to change in your life and how to change it." ❤️Robin


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"126 Quotes to Win the Heart & Mind." Standard PDF E-book, DESKTOP VERSION

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"126 Quotes to Win the Heart & Mind," captures the sacred words of wisdom from a long & arduous journey of medical recovery & spiritual awakening to greater love.

Spanning over 20 years, the quotes recount and reflect Robin’s evolution and transformation of stepping out of fear & into love; harmonizing both the heart & mind, and balancing the feminine & masculine energies.

In this reading, you will walk the path of Robin's inner journey leading to her divine mission with a whimsical "dare to believe sentiment."

The quotes are compilations from her first & second books and the online & local courses respectively titled, "My Daze of Brain Injury," "Wake Up! We're Going Home," & "How to Sustain Love in Your Life!"

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