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Hello, I am Robin Bloom author of My Daze of Brain Injury and the sequel Wake Up! We're Going Home.

In 1996 while driving home from work little did I know how in the next moment my life would vanish on impact. I didn't know it the moment it happened and I didn't realize what happened for months afterward. Surviving traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not my story. Thriving, overcoming fear, recreating my life, reclaiming my power and spiritually awakening to a greater love, however, are the wonderful elements of my story. The intent of my story is to present a living role model for change. If we accept the premise that compassionate love and understanding conquer all imperfections, our lives will be much fuller and richer.

Ten-percent of the proceeds from My Daze of Brain Injury are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project to assist veterans who are recovering from TBI, PTSD and other serious injuries.

Brain Injury Resources for USA: www.biausa.org, www.biaa.org, www.mayoclinic.org, www.caregiver.org, www.neuroskills.com. Brain Injury Resources in Kaua'i: "Think B.I.G." Support Group, (808) 822-1931;  Neurotrauma Support Line: #274-3141 then 3-6151, www.hawaii.gov. International Brain Injury Resources: www.internationalbrain.org.

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"Wake Up! We're Going Home is a heart-centered, inspirational book filled with insights, compassion and love. A courageous and amazing journey by a remarkable woman."

Kim Evans, Business & Personal Transformational Coach

"This is for all my friends who KNOW that there is more to life than just existing in our body and who want to know everything about that MORE!!! Robin J Bloom is a wonderful, courageous, strong lady with a journey worth sharing and learning about."

​Ingrid Effert

"Book is awesome. Congratulations. It is a must read for everyone!"

Holly Powers Matthews, Int'l Psychic Channel/Medium

"Congratulations, you are making a difference."

Cerena Lauren

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, NOT on fighting the old, but on building the new." ~ Socrates

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Robin J Bloom

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My Daze of Brain Injury: The Dance of Destiny

by Robin J Bloom, MEd


Robin's life changes within a split-second of a tragic accident. The ER finds no visible injuries or broken bones. Yet, confusion and memory loss begin to surface. Robin emerges from the trauma and finds the life she once knew no longer exists. In a role-reversal, this special-needs teacher finds herself a student of her own skills. How Robin discovers and accepts her limitations, and reconciles these life-changing losses, is a story of love, courage and inspiration. 


"Robin's story show us that with time, help, love, and effort we can all accept trauma, overcome and lead fulfilling lives. Bravo!"

Neil S. Kaye, MD, DFAPA, Neuropsychiatrist





Wake Up! We're Going Home

by Robin J Bloom, MEd


Who am I, why am I here and what is the meaning of life? These are the timeless questions we've all pondered. The answers in Wake Up! We're Going Home will amaze you and, perhaps, even change your life as much as they did for Robin. 

Wake Up! We're Going Home is the sequel to My Daze of Brain Injury, exposing Robin's illusionary life as she awakens and uncovers the truth and learns to trust in the wisdom of uncertainties. No longer able to live with fear she does the unthinkable.

In these difficult times, how you approach the hardships in life does matter and this approach determines the destiny of the moment. Deep insight is revealed when tragedy confronts time without end and love changes everything.


Blog Talk Radio Interview with Robert Sharpe, Mystical Cruise Show: July 20, 2013

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/biteradiome/2013/07/20/my-daze-of-brain-injury-the dance-of-destiny

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Kim Justus, Brain Injury Radio: August 21, 2013


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"Robin Bloom offers a very personal glimpse into the journey that she has faced following major trauma. The work provides a raw and gripping account of her experience and the inner events that helped her survive and rebuild herself. The account will expand your understanding of the human response to a major life-changing event and offers triumph from the ashes of a personal disaster."

D. Greg Anderson, MD, Thomas Jefferson University, Rothman Institute

"Robin inspires as she shares her stories of brain and spinal injuries. Robin's horrors of the unknown and recovery are challenges that all survivor's face, especially those who encounter a brain injury. Her journey can be summed up by saying, 'Tragedy...opened doors to happiness I never suspected.' A must read for brain injury survivors and their families to better understand this long and tiresome recovery process."

Brenna Meixner, MOT, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist, Brain Injury Survivor, Author

"As a psychologist who has been practicing over twenty-five years, I still wonder why some people become defeated by their traumas and others seem to find resiliency and meaning in even the most unfortunate circumstances. My Daze of Brain Injury is meant for the individual's looking for meaning in life's tragedies. This book is well-written and leaves the reader wondering how on earth the author is going to cope with what seems like an unending list of traumas. The book is an inspiration for anyone with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). It is a great resource for family members who are trying to understand someone who is learning how to live with a TBI.

Joseph C. Zingaro, PhD, Clinical Director, People's Place Counseling Center