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A lover of life, Robin enjoys teaching and intuitively working with children, adults, and animals (especially horses). Another love is to explore all of Mother Nature's beauty & gifts, connecting with spirit, and living freely. Robin is a self-taught survivor who overcame fearful defeat by thriving with three traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, and spinal trauma. Her spiritual awakening occurred with an opening to greater love and inner guidance.


Robin serves as an energy alchemist here to transmute and transform energy, moving from a painful inner state to a more loving experience. 


Her passion is to inspire & empower individuals in a practical way through her writing, teaching, speaking, listening, coaching, and spiritual gifts. She feels life is about creating a path of love, acceptance & forgiveness. This transformation occurs by using our voice from within that offers a renewed sense of strength and purpose while nourishing one another. In turn, the feminine and masculine energies balance and allow for the inner child to heal and unite.