A lover of life, Robin enjoys teaching and intuitively working with children, adults, and animals, especially horses; exploring all of Mother Nature's beauty & gifts; connecting with spirit and living freely. Robin is a self-taught survivor who overcame defeat by thriving with three traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, and spinal traumas. Her spiritual awakening was occurring simultaneously as she began to open to greater love and guidance.


As a result of her life-changing experiences, Robin serves as an energy alchemist here to transmute and transform energy in all forms (knowing how to move from a painful inner state to a more loving place in our lives); to living by example, touching hearts & changing lives. 

As a visionary intuitive she saw the world as energetically upside down (when people unknowingly focus on the negative in life and create more of the same, versus positively creating their desires) and began to unravel and understand how the prevalence of the mental and emotional patterns (our thoughts & emotions) affect our happiness.


Having this insight and courage (while taking the responsibility in choosing the thought patterns of love over fear) Robin became aware of this impact. She realized how changing her thoughts, feelings, & beliefs would ultimately change the quality and direction of her life. This pivotal moment was an integral part of her healing recovery & spiritual awakening. 


Robin's passion is to inspire & empower individuals in a practical way through her writing, teaching, speaking, listening, coaching, and spiritual gifts. She feels life is about creating a path of love & forgiveness. In her vast experiences, this occurs by using our voice from within that offers a renewed sense of strength and purpose while nourishing one another. In turn, the feminine and masculine energies balance and allow for the inner child to heal and unite.

How do you truly wish to live your life?




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Aloha Nui Loa

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