Doing what you love and loving what you do brings
more joy in your life!

Aloha, my name is Robin. As creators, what we think we become. Thus, we have the power to manifest heaven on earth (see Spiritual Origin & Evolution below). What was once hidden in the world is now being revealed. Planet Earth and humanity are on an inevitable trajectory for the disclosure of truth and injustices, release of advanced technology, discovery of our galactic history, and unification of our differences through love as one family of light. 

In these changing times, knowing & remembering how to sustain love in our lives is key to lasting happiness. The goal of sustaining love is to live a life where love permeates through everything that allows for good things to come. This is our path of ascension into higher states of consciousness (love).

As a lightworker, I am passionate about inspiring people to live life fully. This fundamental freedom entails 1) living from the heart, 2) staying present, and 3) embracing all that life has to offer. Feeling nourished, while cherishing yourself in your love, keeps your vibration high!

When we live from the higher frequency of love, we trust our inner guidance and alignment to what feels best for our highest good. Equally, raising our vibration raises the vibration of the whole (benefitting all). Love is the spiritual energy in which we thrive!

It is important to realize, we don't need to change the whole world. Rather, we need only to change ourselves! 

Energetically we are all connected and one. What I do for you, I do for myself, and vice versa. Knowing the value of what to change and how to change it is vital for our happiness. With this insight, we are remembering how to navigate and harmonize our energy through the alchemical unification of fear into love. 

Our ascension is the process of shifting into higher states of consciousness (moving from unconscious survival fear & separation to consciously living in a state of unconditional love & unity along with the power of choice). Vibrationally, the old world is fading as a more compassionate way of living is rising. 

Within this transition, expanding our spiritual awareness and connection is essential to understanding the true soul-self that inspires us to create the life we deserve. Living abundantly, prosperous and free is our divine birthright. And, it is up to each one of us to claim this freedom and sovereignty. 

How do we do this? 
We prepare by understanding the value of  1) raising our core vibration that supports our wellbeing,
2) committing to doing the inner work of clearing & healing our inner traumas, and 3) shedding the old programming and limiting beliefs. Ultimately, we will find ourselves coexisting on a planet where all life is thriving!


Why is this of value? 
Our world looks and feels chaotic, which is a mechanism of cleansing change. Through this deep purging, all that is hidden is being seen and transformed. At this choice point, we are facing the decision that further explores the question, how do I truly wish to live my life? We can choose to move forward in this new era of positive change, or choose to resist and stay within the old way of living. 

Spiritual Origin & Evolution:
To understand more deeply, everything in our world is energy. Manifestation occurs with the focus and will of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. We get what we expect and attract, whether consciously or unconsciously aware. Through programming, we believe what we think is true versus what we gather from our personal experiences. Some beliefs, that kept us safe while living in survival fear, have become outdated (especially, as we evolve into more expanded states of love). These old beliefs no longer serve us.

If you are unhappy with your life you can recreate it and feel a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

The courses, books, teaching experiences, and coaching that I offer are transformative, experiential in nature, and easily role-modeled to children. In all of this, you are your best teacher by taking what you resonate with and graciously leaving the rest. The projects I have created are designed to help shift individuals into higher states of love & awareness. How? When offering relevance, meaning, and purpose to our life experiences a sense of direction and willingness to change is supported. 

In closing, I graciously support you on your journey!

With love, Robin 
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When my life came to a halt, I safely retreated from the outside world and began the natural process of turning inward to what I was feeling. As a self-taught survivor, I spent most days with a herd of eight horses. Ironically as my thinking brain was injured, I began awakening to greater love while intuitively feeling my way through life. Daily, fear would open my eyes to disempowerment and living small. I recognized the need to change the beliefs that were keeping me stuck.

Through self-healing, I initiated the process of recreating & rebuilding the quality of my life. Over time, everyday conflicts became opportunities as the fear diminished and love & compassion flourished. By choosing the path of love over fear, I began to thrive and dispel the many poor prognoses. The next step was to embody my true desires. 

"How to Sustain Love in Your Life!"  is a self-paced course that reflects my return to love. The course was created as I walked through the wisdom of my experiences in answering the question, how did you do it? The first step was to create a spiritual practice. This daily practice offered guidance & support while instilling a love and a desire to invest in myself. Simultaneously, the timely mental discipline greatly sustained my recovery.

When you commit to 1) loving yourself, 2) embracing your fears, and 3) examining your beliefs you begin taking the next steps in honoring yourself more deeply. In doing so, I was aware I was aware (stepping out of the illusion). Know and understand that we are more powerful than we know, and have been led to believe. All gratefully life-changing and why I am here at this time. In my heartfelt support, many blessings to us all on this infinite journey of love! 

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