What do I do?

Aloha, inspiring and empowering people to live life fully is my passion. Living fully entails living from the heart, staying present, and embracing all that arises. The result is a life with deeper meaning, inner peace, and fulfillment. 


In particularI love improving the lives of children while supporting parents in discovering a healthier and more compassionate way of living. In my work, I share knowledge and wisdom gleaned through the many life-altering and transformative experiences of overcoming trauma.


To offer some background, I am a former self-taught and thriving survivor of three brain injuries and spinal trauma. Ironically, as my physical life was falling apart, I was spiritually awakening to greater love and guidance. Routinely I was challenged to recreate my life. For example, fear opened my eyes to disempowerment and living small. These conflicts would later transform into opportunities as fear diminished and love & compassion flourished.


In time, I embraced the notion that my life experiences were further awakening me to embody what I truly desired. 


By tuning in to what I was feeling, I began to trust and accept the process of life. Courageously, I chose love over fear. I know this sounds simple and yet, is so deeply rooted in living harmoniously. When you commit to doing the inner work of loving yourself more deeply, embracing your fears, and examining your beliefs, you are taking the next steps in loving and honoring yourself.


Awakening spiritually is about knowing our true self as a being of love from the inside out. Our life experiences serve as catalysts in recognizing and remembering that  

1) we can choose to live in a state of love, 2) we can gain insight to consciously create our lives, and 3) we can begin to observe and discover how our inner journey is sustaining us. These insights support us in navigating and harmonizing our energy in creating a life of lasting love, peace, and harmony. Simultaneously, this occurs while living on a planet that benefits the whole (where all life is thriving). 


Sustaining love is the key to lasting happiness as love perpetuates more loveKnowing "what to change in our lives and how to change it" is essential to living joyfully. In these changing times, I invite you to explore and ask yourself, How do I truly wish to live my life?

If you resonate with my work, there are practical offerings and services in the Online-Store and on the  Spiritual Coaching page (online/local coursework, books, daily FB & IG quotes, Spiritual Coaching, Intuitive Equine Coaching). There you'll find invaluable wisdom with useful tools and tips to help empower you to dream bigger.


Spiritual Origin & Potential: Now is the moment to discover our spiritual origin & potential to transform our lives. We can then begin fulfilling our capacity to live the life of our dreams!


Robin J. Bloom

Spiritual Teacher, Coach, Author


Offering Books & Courses:

My Daze of Brain Injury,

Wake Up! We're Going Home

126 Quotes to Win the Heart & Mind

"How to Sustain Love in Your Life!"

A unique local and online course unlike any other. Learn about your spiritual origin & potential to transform your life!


Next class: Th, 5/13-6/17/21, @ 1:30-3:30 pm, 808 Wellness, Kihei, HI 96753 


What drives me...

At a very young age, I sensed everyone had a "certain goodness" within, even though their words and behaviors did not always match on the outside. This was especially evident when I intuitively felt their inner pain. Self-awareness has helped me in staying connected to my heart and to love, no matter. I feel everyone is doing their best. In more troubling times to accept, forgive, appreciate, acknowledge & move on.


Without exception, know that every soul desires to love and to be loved. Especially our planet that provides our sustenance for daily living! Love is who we are as the shimmering sparkle within that shines brightly. We are shedding what we have absorbed as humans through conditioning, cellular memory, bloodlines, and ancestral lineage. As the light prevails, we are remembering our divine essence. 


A gracious thank you as we each join to create a healthier & happier world on a never-ending journey of love, one heart at a time!