Aloha! What do I do?

From my journey, I desire to inspire and empower people to live life fully. This equates to reclaiming your power & creating a life you cherish! As an integral part of my healing, I accomplished this by choosing love over fear. I know this sounds simple & yet, is so profound. The next step is about honoring yourself in committing to do the inner work.


Spiritual awakening is about knowing your true self as a being of love. As you walk your journey, you will become a conscious creator that knows how to sustain love in your life (regardless of what is going on around you). I invite you to ask yourself,

How do you truly wish to live your life?


Through my work (books, courses, free weekly quotes, teaching/speaking, and spiritual coaching), I help raise spiritual awareness like a guide leading you to discover what you already know & are remembering. Especially in knowing, it is you who is your greatest teacher!


Within my journey as a self-taught survivor of three brain injuries (spinal traumas, and PTSD), I suffered greatly and was challenged to recreate my life many times. Fear opened my eyes to disempowerment and living small. These conflicts soon transformed into opportunities when fears were replaced with deeper love & compassion. 


During my long recovery, I rediscovered how our sacred presence is our greatest power. In time, I was able to accept the notion that my life experiences were positively serving (as a bridge) to awakening me to embody what I truly desired. This is evidenced by the healing of my brain, spinal injuries & a deeply broken heart. In retrospect, each day I would awaken to love and appreciate all the gifts & treasures, despite life's challenges. 

We all get to choose how we live our lives. If you desire happiness, healthy & happy living starts from within (your heart). In my course work, you will discover how to revamp your world by consciously creating a life you love.


The first steps are to delete fear-based programming and reinstall a more sustainable way of living that brings lasting joy & happiness. These steps help to integrate a compassionate heart & wise mind that leads by example. Graciously, your newfound

wisdom, freedom, and insights are more easily shared with your loved ones via role-modeling.   

In my heart of hearts love is the way forward. Knowing "what to change in our lives and how to change it" is key. I was energized to write and share three books about the wisdom of my journey, along with a new online course with local offerings in Hawaii titled, "How to Sustain Love in Your Life!" These gifts all offer invaluable insight with practical tools & tips to help inspire and empower you to dream even bigger!

Robin J. Bloom

Spiritual Teacher, Coach & Author


Offering Books:

My Daze of Brain Injury,

Wake Up! We're Going Home

126 Quotes to Win the Heart & Mind

"How to Sustain Love in Your Life,"

a unique course unlike any other!


What drives me...

At a very young age, I sensed everyone had a "certain goodness" within, even though their words and behaviors did not always match on the outside. This was especially evident when I intuitively felt their inner pain. Self-awareness has helped me in staying connected to my heart and to love, no matter. I feel everyone is doing their best. In more troubling times to accept, forgive, appreciate, acknowledge & move on.


Without exception, know that every soul desires to love and to be loved. This includes the not so nice, in fact, they need love the most. And let's not forget the responsible care of our planet that provides our food & nourishment! Love is who we are; the shimmering sparkle within that shines brightly. We are shedding what we have absorbed as humans through conditioning, cellular memory, and ancestral lineage. As the light prevails, we are remembering our divine essence. 


A gracious thank you as we each join to create a healthier & happier world on a never-ending journey of love, one heart at a time! 

Makawao, Hawaii  96768


How do you truly wish to live your life?


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