Doing what you love and loving what you do brings
more joy in your life!

Aloha, my name is Robin. I am passionate about inspiring and empowering people to live life fully. This entails living from the heart, staying present, and embracing all that life has to offer. 

My role in these changing times is to support the awakening of humanity and the planet into higher states of love (moving from the unconscious state of survival fear to the conscious world of unconditional love). Specifically, I work with those who want more out of life and who are willing to grow by 1) raising their vibration, 2) clearing inner traumas, and 3) shedding old programming.

Unification through love easily occurs with the acceptance and empowerment of one another. Ultimately, with the union of like-minded souls, we are finding ourselves coexisting on a planet where all life is thriving! 


Why is this of value? Our world looks and feels chaotic, which is the process of a cleansing change. Through this deep purging, all that is hidden is being revealed and transformed. At this choice point, we are facing the decision that further explores the question, how do I wish to live my life? This pivotal crossroad allows for the expression of who we truly are with love and joy. 

Spiritual Origin & Evolution:
It is important to recognize and understand ourselves as energy beings 
living in an energy world. We are the creators of our reality whether consciously aware or not. Through the perception of our reality, we create our lives based on our experiences, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions (that conclusively determine our world).

We get what we expect, consciously or unconsciously. The choice is always ours once we become aware.


For example, by consciously changing our thoughts we can change the direction of our lives. Opening our hearts and liberating our minds will actually help us to see and feel from a different perspective. This could be the difference between living in joy or pain. The challenge lies in knowing our true selves from the inside out. What do we want and how do we get there (knowing what to change and how to change it)? 

The courses, books, and coaching that I offer are experiential in nature. They are designed to help shift individuals into higher states of consciousness. How? When offering relevance, meaning, and purpose to our life experiences a sense of direction and willingness to change is supported. 

I appreciate this opportunity and look forward to being of support and service.
With love, Robin

Backstory, for the past 20+ years I was tuned in to what I was feeling as a self-taught and thriving survivor of three brain injuries. Ironically, as my thinking brain was injured, I began awakening to greater love & guidance as I felt my way through life. Daily, fear would open my eyes to disempowerment and living small. Through the playful and healing support of my horses and the surrounding beauty of the Earth, I began the process of recreating & rebuilding my life. Over time, everyday conflicts became opportunities as the fear diminished and love & compassion flourished, while further helping me to heal and embody what I truly desired.

When you commit to loving yourself, embracing your fears, and examining your beliefs you begin taking the next steps in honoring yourself more deeply. All gratefully life-changing and why I am here on the planet at this time. In my heartfelt support, many blessings to us all on this infinite journey of love! 

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What drives me...

At a very young age, I sensed everyone had a "certain goodness" within, even though their words and behaviors did not always match on the outside. This was especially evident when I intuitively felt their inner pain. Self-awareness has helped me in staying connected to my heart and to love, no matter what. I feel everyone is doing their best. And in more troubling times to accept, forgive, appreciate, acknowledge & move on.


Without exception, every soul innately desires to love and to be loved. Especially our planet that provides our daily sustenance! Love is who we are as the shimmering sparkle within that shines brightly. We are shedding what we have absorbed as humans through conditioning, cellular memory, bloodlines, and ancestral lineage. As the light prevails, we are remembering our divine essence. 


A gracious thank you as we each join to create a healthier & happier world on a never-ending journey of love, one heart at a time!